About Me?

Hell-o Guys!
Lemme introduce myself...

Hi- I'm Anna
but my parents gave me 'Halima Gustriana' as my name:-)
i appeared in this world on August, 25th 1997 in Cilegon, Banten, Indonesia
I Love Fashion, Shoes, Traveling, Culinary, playing guitar, singing, do something crazy, do an adrenaline things and many more!
want to know more about mee? here's my personal....
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Terima Kasih, Atur nuhun, Thankyou... ;-D

And ohh, dont u  guys forgot about me! :p
I'm Sofyana Gustriani and also u guys can called me anni, anni payne, or anything else.
Im born same like the person above my hand-type... different only 5minutes.
My joy is... Eating (mustly), sleeping (mustly too ofc!), Traveling (cant live w/out this! or im gonna die...), Design this blog hihihi, and anything i like guys!
This my photo below. with creepy face and cheeky smile. And.... I'm not a real thief ;) so stay calm everyone and keep read and watch this blog ya! :3
Dont u guys want more to know about me? hehehehe.
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Twitter : Diary full of nothing.
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Facebook : Nothing here. Jst keep on contact with u guysss! :)
Line : sofyanagustriani
Instagram : The weirdest and awesome photos in the world muehehe :3
and e-mail me maybe? gustriani_sofyana@yahoo.com and sofyana.gustriani27@gmail.com

Merciiii et Je vous aimeeeee!!!