4 Days in Amazing Belitung! Must Visit

9:34 AM


Just a few days after we were back home from Bali, this time my daddy want to go somewhere else during his off duty, he really love travelling like so so much, so don’t ask me where my spirit are come from :)

We went to Belitung due to my dad’s request, dad ask for it, me and Anni divided our duty for this trip! I search for travel local guide, and Anni looking for flight.
After we finished everything, for the booking, payment and kind of stuff, it’s time for us to packing and ready for adventure!

We stay in Belitung for 4 days and 3 night,
And unfortunately when a couple days before departure, they are having flood which is really bad, but also lucky for us when we arrived there the flood already shrink, BUT, there are some places to visit that cannot be visit for a while due to flood which make the road cannot be pass.

1.     Pantai Tanjung Tinggi
THIS.IS.THE.MOST.BEAUTIFUL.THING.EVER! it’s so beautiful I feel like I want to live here, it’s my first time to see this such a huge stone, it makes me realized how tiny I am and big the world is. So, there is no need for me to show off and cocky J

2.     Rumah Adat Belitung
Due to rain, we changed some plan while it must be exploring island, we visit some indoor places like museum and this place.

3.     Pulau Pasir
There are package when you want explore some island here, in/exclude snorkeling, rent a boat.
But, because I already took a package so I just following the guide take us (also, I already read the itinerary tho lol)

Thankyou so much for reading my journey!


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