It Went Well... 2016

7:36 AM

new year, new me..
what a cliche to disclosure 2017 first's post

i'm sorry i've been gone (no one cares actually lol), but a lot things happening in the end of 2016
and i can feel it since the beginning that 2016 is not really my year. why can i say that?
because so many things unexpected, worst, and not good happening to me.
i know i know, i'm such not a thankful person, but i just need to let things go instead i keep it. and that's why i need to share with you, my public diary :")
so if you really think you have a bad day, you're not the only one girls..

so first thing happening in 2016, my grades are so do0000wn like i'm not even joking, i will not tell you specifically, but for me it's worst.

and the second is, i've got my first face issues ever! like, it worst guys, i even don't want to go out/college/everywhere until my face become heal and back to normal, for the representation, my face got a lot of small acne like comedones acne which not really big BUT so MANY, it shows on my both cheeks, between my eyebrow, and my forehead, can you imagine that?! i never had some issues like this before, it felt like a nightmare for me.. are you curious how could i got that? (i will tell you anyways) it because i'm not cleaning my face properly, after i put my makeup on.
(could you imagine that, you sleep with your foundation left on your face? i know, i'm so ... you can guess) that's why it happens. so it comes to to the third reason..

the third is my outcome are so implode, like so much, you guys already know why..
i spent too much on anything to heal my face issues, from skincare, medicine, and treatment, nothing goes well (i guess) but more likely to, not come as i expected, maybe i need some things to heal my face issues faster, that's why i keep changing anything but until the product are empty of course,  i'm so impatient.

but, not only things i'm not grateful on that i write here..

i have so MUCH thing to be thankful for,
i have my parents that still loves me (my brother and sister of course) and conceive their child for being such a naughty (in case, for trying everything out) even though i get their lecture sometime.
i have my friends who still accept me no matter how look bad i am (from every time i complain about it they are not tired of it).
i have a good life which god gives to me.
i never felt deficiency or anything like that.
i still have more time to spent with my parents and my family.
and the list keep going on..
but i can't write it all one by one..

note to myself
please, take care more to yourself, more saving, be more good especially for your personality, don't be procrastination, and so on..

2017, please be awesome!


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