saving tips! +outfit for desperate ofc

6:25 AM

what a big spending, exhausting, and tiring this week.
i already spend a lot of meney, not because of my big lust but, it's already new start for my college life (again) i have to buy this and that and everything i need. bought fruits and vege, cooking materials etc. but it's just a month in every year (maybe) well, don't forget to saving guys! especially don't to much shop online!

i will give you my tips not to follow your lust for buying anything, it works for me, i hope it works for you too :)

1. do not ever open shopping website or kind of those thing
2. if you cannot hold yourself then it's okay, just keep scrolling
3. the more you scrolling and just by looking at it, the more you get bored of it!
4. if you think you have a lot of money now, put aside half of it or whatever you prefer until you think it's not a lot of money anymore
5. that money you put aside of, save it at the safety place and seldom spot you are see it everyday (sorry for my grammar)
6. then in the future you have no idea that you already saving a lot of money!

it works for me very well :)

uniqlo top
elizabeth bag
unbranded pants
bershka shoes

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