9:01 AM

i'm so addicted to watching Gossip Girl right now, i know so fashion-late but yeah i kinda feel like to watch that recently, and yet now i'm on season 4 in one week i guess? lol luckily there're so many short holiday, rather to spend it with going outside and wasting money, spirit and soul for hot weather right now and also traffic and road repairing which took my family's car changing tires for 2 times? so it makes me so lazy and unmotivated to drive to everywhere which is nowhere nor i have no choice to go to anywhere here. 

it's already 10:55pm while i am writing this with my another tab for Gossip Girl lol. 
and also don't forget to fasting arafah tomorrow, a day before Ied Mubarak aka Idul Adha for Indonesian calling it.

So, don't forget to Sahoor and nawaitu everyone!

grey scarf
h&m outer
nevada shirt
bag was gift from my sister <3 p="">
bershka shoes

See you on my next post!


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