Craving for Strawberry

2:30 AM

well the title is so accurate to me right now, and that day..
last wednesday was my college free day, no classes that day every single semester.
so me and my twin went to grocery shopping, actually we kinda feel like to make a smoothie or something healthy like that, because we just got a new blender yeayy hahaha
so we were travelling, lost, and searching around grocery near my apartment and after struggle for hotness weather that day which my temper was bursted out, making me so emotional, we finally found it. 

and there's no strawberry every store we visited...

that was very sad day to me..because strawberry is everything:(

and we found this cafe strawberry, which i already visited a couple years ago with my brother when i'm not in college, still in high school i mean, that was our second visit. so, we stop by and drink something refreshing, yes, strawberry juice lol

well i think that kind of uninteresting story ever.. 

i actually want to make it 4 grids, but the applications for it doesn't work.. so, i apologise for spamming:(

see you on my next post!


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