"Don't let the behaviour of others destroy your inner peace."

9:51 AM

i know, i know... the title doesn' make sense at all
i am sorry for lack post recently, i actually busy...doing nothing lol
well just replay back can we?

August, 7th 2016

i went to Jakarta especially for my college thingy, with my mom accompanied us and for shopping also hahaha. i stayed for 3 days in my apartment.
But, the first day not went smoothly..
back when i was ready to go, there was roadwork which took one full road, so the road can only be passed one way. And that was my way, from my house to the city. But then, there's a gallon's car on the side walk, so we can't passed by cause of it. It makes long traffic. We used siren to make that huge car go away, but the owner said "sorry, still filling the water".

My mom was very angry, and so am I, oh fyi Anni was driving. And i told by the siren to move the car so it doesn't obstruct another user. I don't know why there was such a crazy selfish like him/them. I was so lost my temper, my mom also, the worse. So, the parking guide told us we can passed, he tell us to let him guide. I convinced Anni to not following, because it actually can't, my mom also yelling not. But Anni convince let give it try, I told her to not, it will hit the car, like the truck before because they forcing it, but it's a truck? nothing to worry about, this is our personal car, not cheap, and it belong to family, especially mostly using by dad and brother. Not personally my car nor mom, we used the smallest one. But Anni still wanted to give it a try, so let her.

Being guide by the old man, not so long, our tire hit the iron for roadwork. Our tire completely wrecked. We were so useless that time, in fact that we were all woman, no man, so independent, but we can't do anything, i mean that's not our thing, because this is never happened before. I still remember people were coming out to see us, our car, and helped us (thanks for those people) And i was so freaking angry, exhausted, and very hot weather that day. My mom was yelling, because that's her, just say what comes through her head, so independent. I wish that selfish people like that will have a good fortune.

And we call our dad, our brother, our sister to help us.
And yeah, one hour later, my sister and her husband help us to bring the car to our home, because we can't change or repair the tire. So we replace with the old one.

And we took another car, our mercy to let the road begin.
So exhausted and really my most annoying moment ever.
I am still annoy by those selfish people. Astagfirullah. I am sorry how can i forgot, that our car was different, nothing like them in Cilegon, so we should took to Serpong, the dealer for our car. And it's not cheap tho.

And not so the last day,
We went shopping yuhuuu!
That's my favourite thing lol, especially when you're with parents hehehe

See you on my next post!


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