Padang #4 Sumatera Barat

11:15 PM

*tears* last day in here..
i stayed in The Sriwijaya Hotel near city, near the beach too. And we just stayed one night here, because this is our flight home day. We woke up at 10 am and immediately prepared for the next destination. First, we went to Teluk Bayur, i don't know about you but it kinda like Merak in my opinion, there are so many ship, not to carry human, but carrying coal. We just take a look, not really stop by here because along the bay is road, main road. Just took a couple pictures here.

Oh, there was so many struggles input this picture, not to this blog, but to my computer, and i know it's my fault, human error, but i really don't have an idea what am i wrong with me?
i lost all my trip in day 4, yep just that day. Seriously, i was so stressed that time. When i want to cut it from my SDcard, i thought i already paste them, because i remember i already created the album and put all my photos there. Then, i copied another file, yeah life goes on. That time, when i was looking on those photos i feel so bad, there was nowhere. Like shallowed by the earth. Not in my SDcard, not in my computer, it was totaly gone.

I was so speechless about it. I cringe myself, cursed myself, and crying inside. I took a deep breath and thinking for the way out. So i cleared my mind and googled for the solutions. I download the app for recovery my SDcard, it goes well until my SDcard cannot read. Bam, i download another and it goes the same things. I already download 3 apps. I hope for the third because the fortune but it ends nothing. I stressed out, really, like my mood messed up, and i am so cold to my parents, i'm sorry i really regret this. I was strike to talk that day. You don't know how stressed out i am. Why it doesn't work? Because i directly using camera for input my photos, i don't have any kind of SDcard places thingy for input, so it doesn't work out. Then, i tried on my laptop because it directly could put your SDcard and luckily it work! I am so excited about this, thanks to Allah SWT for let this thing happen, for teach me how to be more patience because this is nothing actually compared to everyone out there, nothing. Even though i just could recovery my photos until 200mb of 1gb, but it's okay, i will try another methods.

So just go to my photos, when i was in Teluk Bayur sight from the cliff, it was totally amazing, but scary as hell too lol. I was wearing boot with heels that time, and luckily there's nothing bad happened.

I will updated more pics soon! some of it on my laptop after recovery thing.

After that we went up and down lol, we went to Pantai Air Manis and Malin Kundang. That are on one place actually, and we have to go through up like we want to go to the hills and the we headed down, the beach. In there you can actually go to another island, because Padang it served destination to another island and there are so many island you can visit, i can't tell you one by one because i don't remember lol.

Another pics of Malin Kundang will coming soon!

See you on my next post!


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