#MudikInStyle Klaten and Jogja

3:25 AM

helloowww it's been a while.. a long while
i just got back home from Middle of Java for mudik, especially from Klaten, Jogja, and Semarang.
yep, I've been stayed in 2 places. Klaten is my dad's hometown, where's his mom lives but we were not staying there because the place is so small and can't accommodate us for living. and Jogja was the place we stay, and it's near UPN Jogja Seturan, and that hotel was my stay place for sbmptn :") throwback when I've been fought for test in there and got no accepted, but life must go on. we stay for 4 days and 3 nights. 

Day 1: Thursday, July 7th 2016

we were just arrived in Jogja about 5pm i believe, and we had set forth about 9pm in Wednesday after we were going home from Malingping, my mom's hometown.
we were sooo tired, just take a rest until Maghrib and then prepared to go out for looking some dinner near our hotel, luckily our hotel was so strategies, there are so my cafe, restaurant, and supermarket also. because our place are near from main road and university. we ate in L'cost seafood, we have to waited for an hour because it was so crowded, but the taste? it's worth it.

Day 2: Friday, July 8th 2016

woke up on 9am and prepared to go out to Gondang Winangun, Klaten for met my daddy's family especially his mom, because his relatives are in somewhere else working, just left his little brother and his family. 

sorry, we didn't took any decent picture, i am in that phase when i'm just too lazy to carry on my camera anywhere i don't know why :( maybe because of the weather which is super hotttt and plus, i'm wearing a hijab. after that, about Ashr, we were going to Malioboro, i don't know why we're always go here every we visit jogja, like it's amust you know it's not completed if you go to Jogja without visit Malioboro, while my mom looking for batik in Mirota, me and brother and daddy are going somewhere, nowhere, just looking around. and end up by 9pm we arrived our hotel and take a good sleep..

Day 3: Saturday, July 9th 2016

Hari sabtu kita rencana buat ke Taman Sari yaitu tempat bersejerah dan tua peninggalan sultan dari jaman tahun 1700an. Pasti tempat ini udah ga asing lagi kan, ya tentu, udah banyak kok yang foto-foto disini hahaha, disamping tempatnya yang tua, bagus juga buat foto2. walaupun panas, tapi pas masuk ke dalamnya langsung adem gitu karna terbuat dari bebatuan. 

and we were guide by the youngest guide they had there. her name is Salsa which is still 16 years old, and her skill for camera is really good. she guide us where we should took a picture and everything. and there's no fee for guiding actually. 

top: giordano
bag: mango

and there some store who sell some clothes made from bamboo thread. but the deficiency is it can't expand and shrink.

Oh and she ask me also why i didn't snap-chatting like the others lol, i don't know i just not in mood that time as usual because of the weather which is not surprisingly freaking hot. and actually i am vlogging too. so i don't want to complicated my self to record in 2 things.

 Day 4: Sunday, July 10th 2016

Last day in Jogja *tears*. after we check out, we went to Boyong Resto for meeting up my dad's old friend. nothing much to tell, just take a lunch and so on.

top: mango
belt: h&m
bag: mango

 sorry for my bare face, as usual i'm just too lazy to put on some bb cream or something like that to cover my imperfections, because of the weather which makes me sweat a thousand more increase than i used to :( i hate hot weather as you know. so i just put some powder and done. 

 after this event we went to my mbah's house for another event. unfortunately i didn't make it to watch kuda lumping because miss information. so i just slept in there because tired as freak. and after Maghrib we have kind of Thanksgiving to celebrate mbah uti who become a muslim now :) 

about 9pm we went to Semarang for next stay and we arrived there about midnight anda daym, it's raining and full parking. yeah we have to wait until 1am-ish to pickup our belongings.

See you on my next journey!


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