Bukittingi #1 Sumatera Barat

3:43 AM


Monday, July 18th 2016

I went to Padang, West Sumatra for having a little vacation while spending my dad's off duty here until the end of July. So instead just staying home doing nothing, because my dad is super productive, so he planned to visit this city, because of his friends recommended too who lives here. So here we go!

We had flight in the morning at 9:30 am but fortunately our flight got earlier. unusual!
and their sit is not full. not so many people have a flight there. Alhamdulillah.
We arrived almost 11 am, it took 1 hour 45 minutes to reach there. more longer than goes to Singapore.

After we arrived we already picked up by our driver, Uda, sorry i forgot the name. So we're here rented a car include a driver and it cost 700k/day from Dreamland Tour.

We directly went to Bukittinggi, because that's our first destination. We need some cold place and windy and mildy (?) actually we need to rest, and we were freaking exhausted living in hot place which is always 30c that's making me wild. I can't stand with hot weather, actually my body is, i get easily sweat, well pardon me. And when i was in Bukittinggi, i never got sweat and i am so freaking happy!!!! that was once in a lifetime you know.

Our first destination is PDIKM Padang Panjang, in there we will got an explanation about Rumah Gadang, the culture and everything relate to that. and also, we can take a photo with a typical outfit from there. it cost 30k/people i believe.

After that we ahead to our hotel because it's already evening and we decided to explore more tomorrow. We stay in Amari Hotel if you wondered. Not a big hotel because we have to book two rooms and we just want have one room together, so just that hotel which available.

See you on my next journey!


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