Bukittinggi #3 Sumatera Barat

3:39 AM

i have been so procrastinating to start writing again. So, let me try to remeber from the beginning till the end.. i am totally messed up

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

We were checked out at 9am, yep so early because we have to go to Padang, and it took 2 hours to reach there. But first, we went to Jam Gadang. Even though it near our hotel but we didn't have a chance to go there because it was raining, not so heavy actually. But it took more effort to reach there, plus the road is slippery and we have no car, because our driver took em home.

And don't forget to take a picture in here..

After these, we went to Padang! And on the road we dropped in to Food Souvenir i forgot the store was. But it already visit by Ani Sudhoyono and her crews. We also stop by in Kinoko Coffee Shop. They sell any kind of coffee, made by them self. And also coffee for health and any kind of that. I am so in love with this place, it gave me relax and chill. So windy which is i love so much, and the view not to forget is so amazeball! you can watch by yourself Highlands and still natural not touch by any human doings.  Oh, you have to try ate Indomie Rebus here, taste good with amazing situation lol

Oh.. i love being here so much. I wish this place exist in Cilegon.

After that, we went down to Batu Sangkar, especially to Istana Pagar Ruyung, there will be Rumah Gadang, the largest among of all in their city i guess. We just take a look and sadly my camera died so i didn't have a chance to shot what inside. They has 3 floors, but third it's just a warehouse.  And there's a lot of room, but we can see just from the outside, there's a curtain which hiding the room.

See you on my next journey!


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