Bukittinggi #2 Sumatera Barat

7:06 AM

Tuesday, 19th July 2016

Days 2 in Bukittinggi! i am more excited for this journey..
So, we prepared at 9am and picked up by our driver and ready to explore

First, we explore Panorama Ngarai Sianok and fortunately it nears our hotel, so it just took a couple minute to reach there. And more good news it's still quite because yup still morning guys. And it cost Rp5000/person and you will receive the pamphlets about Bukittinggi too!

In there you can see a view of Valley Ngarai which is super wonderful. and also along the way you will be accompanied by monkey! hahaha there so many monkey there.

After this, we went down to the valley, there is a cafe, Taruko Cafe & Resto which they serve a magnificent view, and it's so chill for hangout or chatty with friends and family too. We had a little early lunch here. Just take a look of my photos okay? You absolutely be jealous, because it's amazing! and it's so windy too which is the things i love as I mention you in my post before.

Fuihh, enough with the amazing place, we headed to another amazing place! drum roll please *dum dum dum* (?) Lawang Park! omg, this place? is amazeballs, I mean i can stay here all my life! i really wanted to live in there, waking up with a view, and good air. When you put your head up you can see the hills, when you see down you can see the Lake Maninjau. Yes, how wonderful is that?! I'm so lucky that my dad had decided to go here, I never regret any second at all when i arrived in here, everything is beyond my expectations. Plus, the weather is me likey, it makes me in good mood all day.

Okay, so let's headed down! it's the famous Lake Maninjau i mention you. Before we reach there we have to take Kelok 44! which is kindy making me headache a little, good thing is our driver is so professional so he took the car very well. It's also so wonderful in here omg while i writing this i still can fell the wind, the feeling and anything. Sadly, the rain was coming and it's so sudden, so i didn't have a chance to shot more pics :( But, you can see more on my video! Check on my youtube: https://www.youtube.com/halimagustriana

See you next time on my journey!


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