Perks of me.


i know my score is good enough,
but my friend is more good. yes, i'm spite
i work harder, but i don't know about them.
that is my bad. always compare one to each other
especially me.
but then i realise, it's not worth to compare
be thankful what you're already have
this perfection is killing me, but i know i'm not alone.
so many people like me around this world.
some thoughts are wandering around in their head.

here a few things about me i want to share with you:
i'm not a social person enough. i don't talk too much with people
except when i'm comfort with them, i do crazy thing, talk crazy even though we just met.
i can't fake my expression when i don't like someone.
i'm not into relationship, i think i'm still not ready, or this religion things are save me because i don't want to lose my chaste, like holding hand or something, you know.
but i want to have a close guy friend who understand me like my twin or my family, but it so hard to find, or am i too introved?
fyi, i am ambivert. sometimes i cheer too much, sometime i quite.
yep, i am a moody person, so don't be confused with me.

reading some quotes like being nice is good, yeah i know it's good
but it's so hard, so freaking hard.
i try, but that's not me.
when you fake something, it feels like your not being yourself
don't ever show what people want to see from you
just be yourself, eventho yourself is annoying. (well, it should be changed lol)
i mean just let it out if you don't like someone, complaining something if your friend look nice, just be honest. because one action could be change anything, even whole thing.


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