Mate Birthday

10:57 PM

so a couple days ago, my friend's nida, want to celebrate her 19th birthday in Grand Indonesia, with her close friend, included me. yep, she is my college friend, plus hilda, we are always sit together in class.. mostly. we know each other, talk everything to each other like peoples do.

but unfortunately, hilda couldn't make it. so there's only me, anni, and her. also, she invited one friend from her school. so we are four.

i took grabcar as usual to go there, because we were three (she go to my apartment first)
we arrived grand indonesia, and waited for hilda. but she couldn't actually, because she still wait for her boyfriend. and yeah, we're just looking for chic place, good food, and photo-able of course. so we ended up in Papalomama. some kind of Italian dining.

we were going home by gojek. for cheap option. because i still have my credit in gojek. so i assume it's free. haha. #anakkuliahan

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