Goodbye, grandma.

10:01 PM

i'm so sorry i'm not being post anything here, but when i came back i write my serious thought lol.
i came here just to wipe out any dust in my blog.
so a quick hello it is.

i currently not going anywhere so i don't have any outfit post. my Instagram being abandoned too. i'm such a bad internet person. i've been busy for college, because it just started last week. i have class on Saturday which is i can not go back weekly to my home, and it makes me freaking sad.

on Friday, 4 March 2016
my grand mother from my mom just passed away. please send your condolence to her ;')
that is a good day, and she passed away when ashr.
weird thing is, that is my first time i ever have vision to her.
i dreamt about her, she is so fresh and young, and bright. i surprise! so i ask her "grandma, why are you so fresh?" she just smile. then i woke up, so i think i dreamt about it in fajr. i directly tell my twin about my dream. i hope it doesn't mean anything. but it is
3 days later. my grandma passed away.
i don't know what that's mean. but i hope it's a good thing because she is smile.
my brother said he thinks grandma was happy to see her grandchild or something, but about what?
i ask my mom, she doesn't got any vision.
i don't know, a month ago grandma gave me 3 hand fans, for me, my twin, and my sister, through me.
i think that maybe because of it i got the vision. idk.

i don't know much about my grandma, because i don't talk to much to her, she is not frequently speak Bahasa, she speak sunda. but i feel sad, so sad.

she is nice, and gorgeous, she keep her self clean and smells good even though she was sick. since then, i know that my mom's heredity comes from my grandma. her tidy and neat too.

rest in peace my beloved grandma. i always love you like always, may you rest in peace with granddad and go to heaven. aamiin.


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