it is very latepost actually, so you know who i am. bad blogger hahaha
i finally have a spree time to sit on my laptop after a hectic holiday i have with my big family to Bandung! actually we already plan to go turkey but condition there so confusing well June maybe.

this place i took for these pics is on Lejel Home Shopping.. because my mom ordered stove,. new kind of stove with infrared or somethiing. and the other side doesn't work. have been replaced it for 2 times, and here it is the 3rd times. well it works well now.

located in meruya, and its raining outside, after that we just decided to go home, because we were just don't have idea where to go.

and for the selfies, pardon me okay hahaha, i just got my glasses with normal lens from optics, for what anna? your eyes still good. well, just to make a new character hahaha i'm so freaking different using glasses on. oh, in case i want to avoid people i can use my glasses lol.

and vero just came home from jogja and want to give me some souvenirs and kue keranjang also. because lunar new year is coming for her. well actually today is. hahaha
so she came home and we decided to take some pic in my empang keluarga.

forever 21  glasses
gaudi dress
point one jegging
adidas shoes

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