Bandung 2016: Day 1

9:54 PM

sooooo yesterday night i just got home from bandung after vacation with my family.
it's been amazing and i ahd so mch fun!!1
we discover some place we didn't have visit yet. bandung has something, some place to miss!
a new place everyday with different situation.

Friday,  5 February 2016
first day i went to Dusun Bambu, for having lunch break and everything, it located in Lembang, and then turn left from the main road, don't worry there a sign to go there. so you have to watch road carefully.
the place is freaaking good. there's a labyrinth, a bird cage for eat. and its float of course! eventho the sun shines so bright but the air feel so windy and cold, so i love it. problem for being hijabi hahaha.. for you who want take a beautiful picture, here's the place!!
the entry ticket for car is about 30k i believe.

and after that i went to Farmhouse, located in Lembang main road, so you will find it easily.
the place is freaking good too!!! they make an Europe sensation. they're icon is Hobbit house!
so the ticket for one person is 20k and you can change your ticket with sausage or milk for free!!!


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