Vintage Morning.


hey ho!
i'm finally back here! sorry for took so long to come back here
i've been in that phase when i'm not interest in technology, yep, such as computer, my phone, anything, also television. i don't know why the heck is wrong with me, but i think new year new me right? haha never mind.
but there here i'm back! sitting in front of computer and start blogging!
oh, in case you wondering what am i doing instead playing gadget, i read novel!!!!
my long gone habits is finally back! i am addicted to novel right now, and it's freaking fabulous, i mean is a good thing wasting your time reading than playing on your phone and make you feel like an useless. well i get that feeling when i am reading. feeling that i have another life, not just bored boring life i have right now (i mean i have holiday for 2 months! lucky me i guess) by reading i feel like i'm having 1000 lives, and it's feel so good!

so back to the topic, what's topic?
okay, this post i want to share with you what i took today, because i'm so bored, so hunting then!
here it is...


 "she loved mysteries so much that she became one."

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