12:40 AM

first of all i've not been told to post this, it's all my own thoughts and i just want to share any cafe or restaurant from cilegon neither serang, anywhere, just want to help any of you (re:entrepreneur) out there! :)

my brother invited me to try new cafe belong to his high school friend who still up till now.
eventho my brother has been surgery that noon, and today's the day that my dad has to go work to.
so in the evening when my brother has permission to go home, my dad call grabcar because he doesn't want to accompanied by us, i know, he knows, we all know, the traffic. :)
he took grab car to halim airport, and it's only cost about Rp.100k+ amazing.

let's go back to the topic okay.
i like this minimalist cafe, the design about their main dish. risoles chocolate. you can see picture below after i explained all of it lol.
unfortunately, when we were there, they run out their rischoco. okay, maybe next time.
they named food uniquely, well my suggestion is they should put a picture of their food or drink, so people know what they will ordered.

for the price, it's tolerable, not too expensive not too cheap, suit for food or drink they served.

so far i like this place, and i will come back later. :)

well guys, you should know all the effort for taking these picture, need 3 flashlight from phone :"D
my brother, anni, and the owner hahaha. cause the real lightning just too dark for taking a decent picture :D

oh i forgot to tell you guys, it located Jl. BBS arah lingkar selatan (Jl. Ciwedus) - Cilegon. you can check their instagram also for the details! @rischoco


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