Pop Milk and Bar! Serang

1:20 AM

located  Jl. Tb Kolonel Suwandi (lampu merah ciracas) Serang-Banten
this time anni's plan to go here, so many efforts to reach here guys :"D
because it's sunday, and traffic in straight road in cilegon because there's kind of "pawai" thingy. 
we're stuck and brother driving so crazy, not his mind or soul, but the way his drive the car is so fucking crazy, if you are my friends or best friend, you will definitely know how my brother bring the car. and he's also got fight by supir angkot, not physically, but yelled. yes, my brother first, near toko meimei, when the road for go to free way are stuck because that angkot. so my brother open the window and start yelling. yeah, that kind of thing is usually happens, he suit to be come a police or kind of that, but he doesn't want. 

okay as usual i want to share you with you about this place,
the place is good and so comfort, and outdoor also. 
the price doesn't took to much. suit for the food they served. 
and the food taste is great! the milk so good, for me as the milk lovers since baby hahaha. i mean seriously the sweetness is precise. and there's many kind of the flavor for the milk. i just love it.
oh i taste the chocolate caramel btw and i love it. 
but my brother said it's just too sweet for him, maybe you can add more milk instead lol.

for the food. i ordered ramen kare thingy, and it taste good too. i mean
seasonings and broth is good. so i sip it all.

as usual my brother is flirting with the servant lol. don't take it seriously. 

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