phew, been busying for apartment..
but now i have a lottt of free time!
my list to do for this holiday is:
1. workout more, everyday!
2. eat more healthy
3. read more novel or inspirational book (and yes i've been addicted read novel now! it's been a long time since i was high school and now it's back!)
4. more blogging
5.more study!!! your not allow to got C (for now i don't alhamdulillah)
6. oh, and take care of my self! (like most pampering, take care for my body, especially my face, it's getting darker from jogja :(
7. i start to think for making money
8. my body get more brightening lol, still
9. back to write journal more often
10. increase my guitar skill
11. learn violin from anni (eventho she still learning tho lol)
12. be organized ( i already buy planner, so wish me fill that)
13. more dicipline, and don't be lazy!!
14. be humble, flexible and open to everyone who has positive energy!! (it's so hard to find one)
15. make my parents and family proud!!

wow... that is so though tho
i don't think i can fulfill all of them,. but wish the best for me!
so this is my target list for 2016 to be better of course. what's yours?? let me know!


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