Rosebud Salve Smith's: Original REVIEW

6:20 AM

hello everyone!!!
so this is my first time review product or something.
i don't know why i suddenly want to review something but i just think that i should review this one!
and because i've been craving for any kind makeup and skincare right now, i think i will write and post more product i have so you guys know what am i think for theou product i already purchased! is it bad or good? i will buy it again or nah? i will let you guys know!!!

so today's product is rosebud salve by rosebud perfume co.
it's a balm! not just for moisturise your lips it's also can use for your skin.
but i'm just using it on my lips because i have a dry lips some times.
it cost Rp. 119000 for just this cute thingy!
because this thing have so many good review about it, inside of me curious to try, so here it is!!


it comes with a fancy, vintage design which i like so it kinda looks like assured product hahaha, but don't judge anything by the cover right. it tells us "All purpose skin preparation" but i'm just using it for my lips! i saw so many youtuber's using it. the weight for itself is 22gr, which is not so small and so handy! 

the balm comes out with a strawberry red colour, but it doesn't have any colour transfer when you rub it with your fingers. as you can see from my pictures below.

and for the smells, i don't really like it. it smell like "bandrek" haha Indonesian definitely know how the smells is. well, it kinda like ginger and tea combined together. i don't know how to describe it. maybe it smells rosebud which i never have try to smells it in real life. and it taste nothing which is good for me, kind of like petroleum jelly by vaseline. but it has thin feel on your lips, not like petroleum jelly. both of them gives a hydrated  feels which makes me confused which best. but i wil try to finished it till empty to compare it!

and this is how large you can imagine. it's not too small and so handy! 

price: Rp.120.000

well i don't know how to rate it, maybe hmmmm let me think..
3.5/5 for me??
because the smells. 
will i repurchased this? think about the price, maybe i don't. i'm not really need it actually :D

i'll see you guys on my next post! byeee! let me know if you want to try this product or you already have and want to share what you think about it!! xo

Anna xox

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