Milani Baked Blush: Corallina REVIEW

6:58 AM

i can't believe today is December already!!! i mean time flew so freaking fast, i already finish my first semester on university and i feel like i just graduated from high school couple days ago! i'm already 18th which is i'm an adult now, eventhough i don't act like i was hahahah.
i'm failed saving for this month:(
like i told you in my couple post ago i've been craving for makeup so much.
i actually did since i entered university. and it's driving me sane, because i have to manage my money for monthly. it's not like high school anymore, when i'm stay with my parents, i just ask for food and everything, and now it's different. which is i have to be autonomous.
well let's go back to the point of  this post!

i just bought this milani baked blush couple weeks ago. and i have to review it now!
since i saw so many youtuber's review this and make this product as they monthly favorites, i eager to have it try!! and ofcourse i have to saving my money again...
it cost for Rp. 130000  

so just let's started it aren't we??

i love how elegant they look! with clear gold packaging they have it makes the product look so expensive hahaha

i fell in love for the first time with this colour. coral pink peach which is suit for my medium skin tone. i actually always wear coral colour for blush, and for lipstick also. but this one come amazing for me!

wow look! hidden treasure! it has good mirror and a little blush brush there. it's so efficiency, doesn't need a bigger space for your makeup bag.

here's the detail you can see behind the product. i just love their shape, circle which is cute.

here's the switches on my hand. it's beautiful colour isn't it? ohhh, i just lafff it!  it has a glittery effect which makes your cheeks glow, it also could be use as a highlighters too!

well i'll give this a rate.... deng deng dengggg
will i repurchased this? yes!!

price: Rp. 160.000

i think this review enough for today.. i'll see you on my next post okay! 
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Anna xox

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