Day 5: Jogjakarta! 2015

3:01 AM

well, just write it all, i have soooo many free time right now..
just, give me a second or minutes maybe... i will rewind my mind about the last day of my trip..
airport day!!!
 we check out in the morning, almost noon, and we spend our free time before boarding in Ambarukmo Plaza, just eat, eat, and eat. looking for clothes, nothing suit me, and anni finally got her own lipstick and mom's paid for it, instead of for my self.. so cunning's anni
and mom's (again) looking for sunglasses, i don't know why mom's such having a new addiction with sunnies, so if i having so many addiction it comes from??my mom:) don't blame lol
as right now, i'm having addiction with novel, actually i already have it since i was in junior or senior high school i forgot, but now it comes back! after i'm having lush with makeup is done lol.

just wait my mom for looking the perfect shade to her. and finally she got here own "coach" sunglasses, after a long arguments, asking me the whole time.

almost boarding! we definitely done all our activities and goes to airport quickly.
when we arrived we bring off all our luggage in the road, because the car is so crowded and so many stop. and when we entry...evidently.. we are in the wrong terminal.
me, of course, and my dad didn't know that jogja has more than one terminal, and there's no notification on it. so we took a walk, a long walk, with our troly hit the crashed road, what a shame, we finally made it. it looks more clean, i took air asia btw. and yes i love this terminal than the old one. so that's it my whole story in Jogja!

i will see you guys on my next journey!!


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