Day 4: Jogjakarta! 2015

2:34 AM

sooooooww, i will finish all my journey here, right now, before new year okayyy
until day 5, phewww, okay, let's do this!!!

day 4,
wednesday, 23 December 2015. nothing much happen. (omg i'm such a bad story teller)
actually we have to check out this day, my dad has forgot, there's a mistaken, he thought that we flight home on Wednesay, yes it's today. and actually, we are flight home on Thursday!
my dad already ask for more days in this place we stay right now, but its already full booked, soooo we are hurry as soon as we can, to book online, search online, and if we didn't make it we will stay in my grandparents house, which is impossible because her homes so small, couldn't accommodate us with 8 peoples total. but finally we made it! we served 2 family rooms with 4 people each room on D'Salvatore Hotel. and actually we passed it! while we were on our way to grandmo house, yes near main road. it's actually new hotel. soowww everything's gone fine. Alhamdullilah.

nothing happens, we just went to Malioboro again, for wasting opur time to check in hotel available (1 pm) after that we went to hotel, and relaxing, lucky us there's a free wifi. instead of my dad, and his grandchild, all of them, and also anni decided to swim. me, sister and my mother just laying in bed hehehe, hijabis problem. just too lazy.

after that in the evening we went to grandparents house again, for saying goodbye, because tomorrow we already go home. and my relatives invites us to having dinner in Super Sambal, which is popular right now. they served so many kind of sambal, more than 10! can you imagine that? so cool.

but there's one thing which makes me upset is we server "belut goreng" i thought it would be like "lele dipecek gitu" and actually is like kerupuk belut kering banget.
but what i like is the price suit laah, for 12 peoples it cost only for almost 300rb!!!! uh-mazing.

it cost only for 8000!!!!

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