Day 3: Jogjakarta! 2015

1:25 AM

phewww, so many delays to post this
just catching and filling my mood to post another trip, and let me remember the details about that day...
still thinking...
oh! i remember now!

i went to Gembira Loka on the 3rd day of our trip. it's not my planned, dad's. because he want to his grandchild visit all the must visit while visiting jogja. me? twice a year. and i'm kinda explore anything. so me, as usual guard my nephew. just babysitting :)

nothing much happen in here, just walking around, saw the animals, and it's freaking hot there. the air actually. there are many trees, so you don't have to be worry if you want take a break anywhere you want.
and for the details, i forgot how much ticket cost, because my dad paid for it while i'm babysitting.
anything still cheap, in fact here's in Jogja, different much like in Jakarta.

oh forgot about mom and sister, they went to Malioboro especially mirota batik, like always, they're shopping, so when we finish we will picked them up.

after that we finally have a chance to try jeJamuran restaurant, when we were craving from them since a long ago but we didn't have a chance. it located in Magelang i believe, i'm sleeping btw on the way hehehe. so they served anything about mushroom/ jamur. so far so good, and its crowded also, so many group tour came, and you guys!! definitely have to try "sate jamur". it is soooww freaking good!! i don't know if it's because i like satay so much, but this one is so delicious.
after that we went to Festival Lampion in kaliurang, looks like in Batu Night malang, but it held only till january, yep, it's temporary.

and then, about night i forgot, we finally arrived at our guest house. i'm sorry i don't have any footage for our stay, i don't know why i didn't took a pic for it. maybe i'm just too tired...

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