Day 2: Jogjakarta! 2015

11:53 PM

i don;t know what's going on with my iMovie. it crashed:( can not import video, sow sad
it because anni actually when she want to edit her video and in the middle it crashed and boom! till now still crash, thankyou very much :)

forget about that.

i want to tell you my story in Jogja.
day 2. Monday, 21 December 2015. our planned is to tried body rafting in "Goa Pindul, gunung kidul, jogjakarta" well, that place is so popular maybe that's the only one body rafting they had in jogja.
it's kinda crowded actually. they have 5 management along the goa pindul it self. so, it doesn't stuck for 1 place. in my place it's not really crowd, but when i arrived to the river to down my self to the river(?) there are so many peopleeeeee, every management come to this place
i'm not really enjoy it, because it's too crowded for me. i even didn't have a chance to jump by small waterfall. so sad.

and then it's raining! i love it hahaha because i already wet so i play with the rain.
after that we went to the cave, Goa Pindul, as usuall it's crowded too. there's a group school from nowhere. so we stuck, can you imagine there's so many people in cave? my body so ache, because we have to wait so long. after we finished suddenly the place close hahaha lucky us. because of the heavy rain, the water flow increase so high. so it's dangerous.

oh by the way for the details.
there's a people on the road who will took us to the goa pindul for free.
the price is 110k/person for 3 places.
and 170k/person for 5 places.
i took 3 places.

after that we went to my grandmother house, we just chilling there and take a rest. and my aunt served us Mie Gledek khas Klaten. delicious and so freaking hot.

see you on my third day!


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