Day 1: Jogjakarta! 2015

9:58 PM

hey everyone i'm back!
after having vacation with my family and my nephew to Jogja!
visit my grandmother from my father ofcourse, in Klaten, not so far from jogja, just need about 30minutes without traffic.

but unluckily there's always raining, not so heavy but there's a water falling down from the skies, one or two, and it's bothering us especially me, because we have to hurry or something, prepared if it will rain, and actually not. so we are always bring umbrella everywhere we go! and the fact is we're not bring umbrella, but luckily not lucky is there's an umbrella in our rent car, but huge! so it took an effort to bring it. but hey it's fine! i'm having such a good time tho.

day 1.
on the way to airport, on Sunday, 20 December 2015 with my sister family and 3 child, without her husband because he need to go to work. we rode a ONE car so total human are in the car is 7 peoples exclude 1 child below 5 years old :) oh and don't forget about the luggage!
sooow crowded and tight but it's fine tho. everything is fine hahaha

we came earlier so why don't we (me and my twin) took a couple pictures for filling my boredomeness  (totally making up lol) luckily we are waiting on boarding place which has such a huge place to wait. in terminal 3 if you wondered. and my mom join to took a pic too! on her way to toilet and giving us food.
so after that we flied! to Jogjakarta and arrived about 1pm if I'm not mistaken. oh and don't forget about the delay tho, 30 minutes.

we arrived on our guest house! yes, we stay on guest house because we bring huge family and we're looking for best place and best price because my dad paid all. we stay in Imogen bnb, in the city of Jogjakarta, strategic place tho but what a wierd name right? i don't know what that's mean. the place so far so good, so comfort for family. it has a garden, huge living room, 2 bedroom in second floor, and 4 bedroom in the first floor, and separate kitchen and dining room.

what i don't like is on my bedroom, yes, me and my parents stay in the hugest bedroom they have. but the bed additional is so freaking bad. not so comfortable, oh in our bedroom there only one king bedroom and that's for my parents. me and my twin sleep on the additional bed. dan itu kasur yang ditiup, bukan kasur beneran. the surface is not flat. well, definitely not comfortable for me. oh! and it makes my right hand soooo freaking sick! until now:(

and we stay for 4 days 3 night. my nightmare is too long :(

on the night we filling it with go to Alun-alun selatan. looking for wedang ronde and anything signature from here, and my nephew really want to rode a Mobil Lampu so here it is, as usual me and my twin guard them lol.

after that we go home, and planning for what to do tomorrow. so stay tuned!
and have a nice long holiday everyoneeee!

outfit details:
pull n bear hoodie
hat from bangkok
kate spade bag
point one jegging my love!
newlook loafers

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