Welcome November 2015!!

2:23 AM

well, it's been a while
i can't believe it's already November now,
time flew so fast, so sad, but happy also hahaha i am weird, right?
last Wednesday, my mom and dad goes to Korea, so this weekend i'm not going home

on Friday, i had sleepover with my friend monis, she stay in Serpong and that was near my brother place, because i have an appointment with my brother on saturday to take me somewhere i want! how nice my brother :) in the night me and my friend are going to Summarecon Mall Serpong.
as usuall we want to try something unique, and we stuck in Bobabats i guess i don't know i forgot the name sorry :( they sell desserts like Hong Tang, some kind of bowl with jelly and ice cream etc. but it's not worth for us, because the price are just not so fit to they served i guess. but hey, i met a handsome guy there hahaha, so handsome and i could die:( but he's working there unfortunately and it doesn't match his look actually, so sad, he's on apprentice btw. forget it lol

and on Saturday, my brother picked me up in UMN, and it took so long, and my makeup is not under control anymore, because it's so freaking hot geez, why Indonesia could be so eeeerr hot??
then, i travelled around Jakarta with my brother, try some food which hits nowadays now
i've been to snctry  it was healthy bar inspired, they sell green bowl, coconut bowl, everything based on plant. it call sanctuary actually, located on Dharmawangsa area, South Jakarta. it cost per bowl different, mine is 75k and 60k if i'm not mistaken

and after that we ate in nasi goreng kambing kebon sirih i don't have any picture there, but the taste is very good! well i actually love fried rice so much lol.
next, we decided to take some rest in my chamber. on the night, after isya, we went to Central Park mall, brother invited me to try Karaoke, call me nerd but i've never been tried Karaoke before, so lame. i mean i ever try in box but it just a couple song and i can scream as hard as i want.
i am so so happy, i mean like my guilty pleasure is karaoke!! i scream till my throat hurts, i pick a song that there's a hight note in there lolol so i can scream out loud and that was so fun! i will try karaoke more often hahaha :D

wish for November...

everything i wish, i plan going to be better
i do for my college good. everything's good
my mom and dad come home safely
my lust for shopping online is under control
my wish list thing will be accomplished
and oh my saving is increase than last month aamiin
i can get highest score in my college
i can intercept what my lecturer explain
everything's going to be better!!!!

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