Fifty Shades of Grey

5:36 AM

it is just an old photos that i forgot to share here, because i have no time.
yes , my time just wasted on mu cellphone, how bad is that????

i feel so sad right now, because i recently spend to much money on makeup things
but i'm so happy when my mailbox come to my place!
and recently there so many thing offers for best price like some website who sell things, what i should call it? never mind. i mean, me? for being girl who has fat big lust for shopping (who doesn't???) got provoked and it makes me sad.

in the middle of the month i can finally saving for my goals! i usually did it! but then almost the end of the month, there so many instigator. and i'm tired for forcing myself not to buy does thing which makes me stress (well, actually no lol) but yeah, and then another of me tell for my self that "i will not buy anything next month, i should buy it now before it's out of stock. i will saving later next month! i crossed my heart!" well, aamiin for that.

and, have you guys watched my videos on youtube yet??
it's about makeup if you wonder hehehe, and actually i really want to do kind of lifestyle video.
since i was middle school i know that i have interested about videography, and photography of course!
but for videography i don't have much thing for bring out that.
and when i went to senior high school, i made a little cover video with my friends which is called 'What does the fox say' xD i always giggle myself when i remember how much effort we took for record that video. You can watch it on my twin's channel 'Sofyana Gustriani' well please, don't hate hahaha. and then we also try to make a trailer from my phone with Imovie and it end up embarrassingly, of course.

and now, i'm a college student now. And i brave my self to share what i know about makeup, how to take care yourself, and everything about lifestyle you want to know, and also i want to improve my vocal, speaking in public, because like you guys know, i have a little anxiety or stage fever or something like that when it goes to speak especially in public! Oh! and you can suggested me what's video you want me to make in this blog, youtube, my instagram, or! i would love to see what your suggested for me, and i will glade to make it!!

my youtube's channel: ;))

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