Better Left Unsaid


back listening to better left unsaid by ariana grande. such an angel voice! loveeee
just got the bad news about my city, Cilegon, and it's about cataclysm. in Pandeglang, they got an earthquake, but not really serious, doesn't make any distraction, but there's info that will be upcoming tsunami in Selat Sunda, so the area near them such as Cilegon, Anyer etc should be evacuated. i don't know if it's true or what i already telling it to my parents, and they didn't hear anything about that. yeah, of course, they're just coming from Korea hahaha. but my father said is must not be true, because if it's, the city must be worried, and everything's fine._.
well, i hope it doesn't true ya Allah, because it will make a hugeee disaster, why? cilegon is industrial city, it's all about the chemical we are talking about, and if there's a huge tsunami and ruined the factory. we all done. naudzubillah mindzalik ya Allah.
just pray for the best of us. Al-Fatihah.

so today i will give you two outfits that i took on Wednesday aka yesterday in the afternoon on my roof top of my "kosan". it's really good to take a photo and why we didn't think about that many times ago? to spent my "wednesday" rather than spending it on Shopping Mall??? well, regret always come hinder isn't it :(

i really run out of clothes, i mean good clothes, what i have in my closet is shirt12x for college, we are not allow to wear any kind of clothes except shirt, so sad. and no makeup! anything! i look like a freaking sick people with a bare lips, i have a dark lips, that's why i am so insecure if i didn't put something on my lips.

oh yes i really need to tell you, i've been craving for loafers from new look in the colour maroon! of my gosh i can't stop thinking about it, but i don't want to spend my money for onesie! and i also want an oxford kind of look like that but it has short block heels, and oh my god! it looks so so freaking good, but not for the price, it makes me cry so hard, i should wait for shopping with my parents:( lol
and also i really been craving for a hand bag, but the material is rigid, so it makes the bag look so good no matter what, oh and it comes from new look too! just saving my money, saving my money, saving my money, saving my money, saving my money lololol i'm dying:(

ima scarf
rayban sunnies
mom's tanktop
et cetera coat
point one jegging
stradivarius sandal

oh, and i want to tell you something. it's about my twin, i really annoy with her because she always use my shoes for taking her an outfit pictures, and you know what, it comes from my saving and she didn't even want to pay for half, it doesn't cheap you know. i always borrow her because she always persuade me and i hate it! next time i will not loan her again when it comes from my saving, so she will buy for herself, and i could borrow it. huh so freaking annoy, she didn't want to save money gosh

crinkle shawl
newlook sunnies
cotton on parka
mom's tanktop
hnm pants
forever21 boots

see you next time awesomeners!!! 
keep reading my blog ya kiss!

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