Twix Frappucino!

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Wednesday, 7 October 2015
i have no classes. yeay!
as usually we went to somewhere, and somewhere is we chose Plaza Senayan. i ever went there once a long ago so i can't remember it when hehe. well actually i really curious about Union, the most photo-able background that became so popular now. i love the architectur of that place, the wall is fulfil by large mirror that give a fancy yet simplicity look. so as usual, me and my friend are took some photos there! finally, my curious been unrelieved lol.

courtesy: we heart it

and that day, i tried Starbucks. this is like my 3rd times i guess, i don't really like Starbucks actually, the taste is good but the price's not hahaha, please, i am not the one who doesn't waste money for a cup of drink here right? when i wanted to tried Starbucks, i always tried a secret recipe, because i am so seldom to buy that and i just want to try something unique. Last time, i tried cotton candy frappucino, it tastes good, the colour is sakura pink like the name is. it taste like a candy, sweet but not too sweet. oh gosh, i still remembered the taste! hahaha. i bought it about 40k i guess.
and yesterday, i tried Twix Frappucino, no i didn't make that recipe, like seriously, i don't even know they ingredients. i googled it. lol. and i think the taste like chocolate or something, but i don't know why there's a coffee flavour in it. and in the recipes i didn't look coffee or something. maybe the hazelnut? maybe. but overall, the taste is good. what i love is the caramel toping!

and after that we went to Central Park by grabcar, it cost 70k because of the traffic and busy hour, yes, 5pm. in Central park, i just looked around, find something cute, no i don't buy it. i'm waiting for sale hahaha. please don't judge me. i actually found so many stuff that i really need! (instead want) because i just think that i should have it! i don't have that kind of clothes in my wardrobe. and i really need trench coat, for January, because i went to somewhere guysss! hahaha, and yes, it's a plan, but i hope it's gonna make it.

bag mango
top hijabenka
pants point one
boots forever21

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