10:49 AM

there's a food event held in Central Park, called localfest or Picnic Tribeca or something.
they served a lot of food, unique food, unique drink, but the price are make me broke:( for typical college student like me, but as usually we ended up buy them, a lot.

this is on last wednesday actually, with my brother. actually we are just looking for an apartment, yes i will move to apartment soon! and yes we ended up in Central Park, actually for looking Mediterania apart too, but we just saw some people drink something like infused or something, so yeah we went to the outside and saw some food truck there.
we ate like three times. oh my gosh, my belly are just so bhhhhhh.
we had richeese for late dinner.

and a couple day later,  on Friday, i went with my friends again to try something else. 
these are what we've got!!

sorry for the selfies lol with my bare face, yes, that is my college face, no makeup or something but filter on vsco lol
but so far i like them foods but not with the price. it's not worth it in my opinion:)
hope you have a good day all!!

Anna, xox

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