Denim for life

4:55 AM

finally, no classes for tomorrow!!! aye
and it's my first time not going home on the weekend
be-aca-cause, i have mid test on monday-to-monday yeay! (trust me it's fake happiness)
and first test is Calculus, my favourite! hahaha jk
but, i miss home so so damn much
i don't know what happening in my life right now, but i really want to go home
you want to know why? because when i'm in home,
everything's feel better, the world get better (oh geez, crying my eyes out)
maybe i'm still on adaptation, and people's here are just not-so-good
i met so many culture, like the way their talking are just some annoying, some good, some fun, some 'i want to cut your heads off', some 'it's not even your business'
there's a less of them who acted so nice, and i will started think 'this person is good' in first impression, i will know them attitude just by see them
it is because of their lifestyle or what, i just don't get it, but i feel annoyed like so many times
that's why i need some refreshing, me time relaxing, just kind of thing :))
i don't even give a damn to them, i don't even care, but why them be like that?
this is uni's life okay, i have my own right, i pay for this not you, you don't even infected to my life, not a little things, so i don't have a time for your shit okay ;)
i don't have to mention who or what, but i' gonna introspection my self 'don't be like that anna, it's not good, and you are good, you have to be good'

ima scarf
surfer girls denim jacket
black shirt with statement, actually
adidas superstar shoes

 ima scarf
levi's denim vest
purple long sleeve shirt
jegging (always)
adidas superstar shoes

see you next time, love!
have a good day!
and stay positive xo

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