hey people!!
how's your day going? it's saturday btw. have a plan to go out with someone?
mine is come unexpected. i just bored and i call my friend from my town who live in Jakarta too to go to somewhere, mall actually lol. and yes we ended up to go to Kota Kasablanka, it's quite crowded because saturday time. everyone's go outside, it's weekend!
actually i have mid test on monday, but i just don't know why people can study during this time? i mean, come on, it's weekend, and i just can't spend my life for studying(3x) well, give applause for them who studied on the weekend!
instead of seeing my friend study hard for mid test, i just go hang around with my friend from different uni lol. how lounged i am??? well don't you mind about me.

so today i went to the mall i mention above, we have a late lunch in Nanny's Pavillion. actually we think twice to eat in here because the price is not so us lol. i mean we broke but yeah you know us right? end up eat in here because we aiming to take some pictures here, but the result? not so good lol poor us. and after that we just looking around shops and ended up buy nothing:))))
i'm saving person right now, seriously i'm broke(not really actually) but my saving account is nearly my target not-to-buy-anything!! i'm shock, but i can control it hahahaha:D and fyi i'm fasting like four times a week, how cool i am? ;))
well just get in to the pictures i guess lololol

the fettucine cost 52k, it makes me sad. it could be my feed for a week, but i just spent it for a day??!! lol jk

Love, xox

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