Shirt, shirt, shirt, Repeat!

4:37 AM

i am student college, sow different from my high school life :") i miss high school already!
so many task facing me right now, but i'll take a break to update my blog hahaha
since i'm on "ospek" thingy, we are not allowed to wear any kind of dress code, so we are just allowed wearing shirt, shoes, jeans, everything but courteous. so i have to stock more of my shirt, fortunately i love wearing shirt, haha but not like everyday to wear...
whenever i'm done with class, sometimes, i went to Mall near my 'kosan' and it is Central Park, i only need to took a bajaj, and it cost 10.000, pretty expensive for me heheh but its the only public transportation near me.

shirt: newlook

shirt: polo

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