Happy days!

7:16 AM

this is latepost pic btw.
its about 4 September 2015.
but i just want to share you, that day
was my happy day ever!
my parents pick me up in Central Park
and i ask my dad to look around for Laptop
i didn't ask i want to buy it
but i loveeeee my father so so much!
he even realize without i'm asking him!
he ask me what laptop i need,
because i'm twin, and we only had one
so my dad offered me to buy a new one
i want macbook, so here we go
its been a long since i wanted it
i can't/don't brave to ask my dad for this laptop,
because my family had so many outcome recently
but then i did it! i love you dad! and mom! so so much!
i can never ask more for them! they're the best!

kimono newlook
shirt coconut island
jegging point one
shoes adidas
bag mango

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