I'M BACK!!! +Trip to Malang-Jogja

6:07 AM

oh my god, i'm finally back to write!!
it's been a month from what i saw of my last post here :")
after a long hectic and tiring day, accomplish all my stuff for entry the university
test, go to another city for test, looking for a place to live for my college life, and many more.
no matter college we get in, it's back to ourselves.
i've been trying hard to get to my dream university but it failed.
no, it's not failed, i know god's plan were better than mine :)

so, today i'm gonna showing you my "study things" trip to Malang and Jogja
i'm going there not for vacation but for execute university test they had
i'm failed in Malang, but it doesn't stop me :)
and now i'm waiting for result of university i took in Jogja.
eventho i already have college in my university right now. i still curious about it.
so the result doesn't affect me any things.

i've been going on trip for a week with my 'struggle together' friend.
we stayed in Malang for 3 days 2 night and oh, on my last night stay there i'm sick, like seriously sick idk why lolol i'm feeling like i've got homesick. because of our place we stay is not really uncomfortable, bathroom outside, no air conditioner, and public transport is so hard to reach :")

buttt, different is Jogja, everything is good *thumb* i feel more than good, restaurant in like everywhere, easy to reach to everwhere.
and all of photos below here is in De Mata eye trick museum in Jogja. first time here, and unplanned, so all of it are just took by my phone, so sorry for the lack of quality *sad*

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