New Thing?


i always wanted to make a youtube's video
been planning this like decade ago but it doesn't turn out :(
my video editing software is always crushed on midst while i'm on my way to edit.
it really works to frustrated me. so i decide to wait for my new laptop lol kidding
maybe soon, i will make some youtube's video thingy.

oh, and i'm so happy that i've been invited by ka Aulia Hakim the founder of to attend their 'soft launching new look' event.
but unfortunately i couldn't come *tears* but just hope for the best for the them!
because it was the coolest website i've known, it makes all muslimah assemble and increase new friends and know sister each other *applause*

don't forget to sign up and be our family!

 uniqlo tops
mango bag
nike shoes

i lose my original picture of this outfit *so sad* so i took it from my instagram, pardon me.

 gap outer
newlook shirt
adidas shoes

also, this one. i lose the original photos too:( i just found these on my camroll. screen capture by my snapchat lol

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