Ramadhan Mubarak!


Salam everyone..

ramadhan mubarak everyone! i know its kinda late but hey its still ramadhan hehe
my computer is broken right now..actually.. the desktop color thing are broke idk why

well, may in this holy month all our prays, duas, and all the good thing we did are blessed
the one who doesn't pray, pray
the one who doesn't read Qur'an, read
the one who doesn't good, good
this holy month is changed every part of us to be better
we hope the good in this holy mont
your prayed will be heard, and inshaa allah be granted
just pray the best for us for facing this Ramadhan
and don't forget to do the good thing!


**i'm bored so i decided to take some photos to fill my instagram lol hope you don't mind

*i think this style of hijab gonna be my signature from now on, its sowww simple and im so lovin it. it doesnt gave me a headache muehehe

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