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5:38 AM

well this is suwperrr latepost actually..

this taken about a couple weeks ago, when my family and i were going to "hyundai" event held in bekasi invited by club. but we are there not so long, just want to take a look to the event.
after that, we went to summarecon mall bekasi. also want to take a look because we're never going there. after that we went to wait... i forgot... i'm seriously forgot geez.

*an hour later
ah yes, we went to summarecon mall serpong lol
im not in mood looking for something so i just have a late lunch there and after that we are going home.. so interesting story right lol just basically a day in my life

newlook sunnies
 forever 21 top
polo shirt
nike roshe run shoes

**i finally bougt this!!! been craving this taylor by taylor swift since 2013??!
i actually want to buy this while i was in Singapore a couple last year but yeah i already buy about 3 perfume in a once, katy perry, this moment by one direction, and selena gomez, i am soww late seeing this perfume. but i finally make it now hueheheeh it smells so  guwdddd, like tutty fruity idk what dats mean. so see ya lateeer!
**captured this for my snapchat hehehe add me for my life(?) sc: halimagustriana xox

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