Floating Market, Bandung

3:48 AM

i'm back!
omg i am so sad for being unproductive recently *tear*
i seriously don't have an idea what to do
i need to make income
i just spend my money all day
not all er day actually hahaha
but i feel so useless for being human

so today's post i'm gonna sharing you my trip experince while i was going to bandung
especially floating market, lembang
unfortunately, it was raining, not so heavy, but its so hard to take a good pictures
we arrived in bandung about 1am from pangandaran
because we are almost lost and lack of information about ways to go to lembang
and also because the road we usually use is closed for KAA poor us
we stay in hotel near UPI i guess, i forgot the hotel's name

we went to floating market in the morning, lucky us not so crowded
so its easy to park our car
there's so many delicious, unique, and traditional food, and they're all taste amazing
i just bought about 4 kind of foods, because we're not so hungry at that time
but i forgot to took a photos of it
i actually took a pics of them, but just for snapchat:( follow my sc then! sc:halimagustriana :D

and then me and anni taking pictures, yes just her
because my mom and dad know us so well, so they just leave us alone to take a photos
( actually they are going to pray) :D
so we are going out from floating market, and it started crowded, hahaha lucky us
aand then we went down and suddenly there's a police stop us
no, we're not doing something wrong
i don't know if its because our "plat nomor" which is unique or because we are from outside if you know what i mean hahaha. my car is A 70 -- is describe my father's name hahah you have to read it 'TO' not 'JO' :"D
yap, the police just asking for STNK and SIM, after my dad give them, the police ask us "ada acara apa pa?" my dad replied "cuma jalan2 aja pa" and then the police give us direction to PVJ hahaha. well just it._.

so that is my experince. its not so interesting actually, but i am having so much fun! (because of shopping time!) :D
see you next time on my another post! byeeee

 Newlook cardigan
cotton on skirt

***pardon my tired slash sad face hahaha idk why i look that sad

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