Green Canyon-nya Indonesia

7:18 AM

i am no longer high school student anymore!! unofficialy actually

oh i forgot, hi everyone, salam :)
i am so done with any task now, busy looking for college, and study for college also
alhamdulillah i'm doing well my national exam, now pray for the best result

3 days later i went for holiday
stay in garut and then pangandaran and bandung
actually we don't have an idea why we stay in garut haha there's nothing we looking for there
we've got false information, we thought that pangandaran is near garut, so we stay in garut
it's actually not._. it took 3-4 hours to reach, pity us hahaha
we arrived in pangandaran on Friday
unfortunately, body rafting in Green Canyon is not open on friday
so we should took about 15minutes i guess to go to another place for body rafting
it's also amazing place, and i am having so much fun!
the water is so cool and i'm loving it

and i am experience-ing my first jump over 7 meters cliff! hahaha its amazing
we climb it withal root. its crazy to me
i think it seems easy like it looks like, but its actually not
i dare my self to climb it, so far i'm fine with that
when i reach the top, and i look down, i have no brave to jump
i always think twice when i want to go down hahaha
my legs always stop me :D
but then i have to force my self, and i finally did it!! OMG i am so happy hahaha
its crazy for me but i like it!! i wanna go body rafting moree

lost in peace my glasses:"( i lost it in green canyon, whoever found it take care ya:"(

kalo mau kesini harus bawa baju lebih karena emg tujuan pasti basah2an, tired but so far worth it laah ;D
see you next time on my another journey! byeeee!
keep exploring guyssss

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