New Year, New Spirit!


Tuesday, 27 january 2015

Assalamualaikum wr.wb

hello everyone!
first of all i wanna say, HAPPY LATE NEW YEAR PEOPLE ALL AROUND THE WORLD. may this year, so many good things come, especially for me, graduate from school and entry for university, hope all goes well. aamiin. its been a while don't it? yeah i've been struggling for school stuff, home from school on evening and i should go to study course and i am home at night, and oh did i mention my computer has been crash? yes that is. that's also big reason i didn't updated my blog more often. because  i have my photoshop there hehehe. and ofcourse, i don't want upload my raw photo, not good. not interesting hehe.

suddenly thinking, i feel so rough about not posting anything on my blog haha. not filling my instagram. so me and my twin has decided to take some photos between home from school and go to course, yes, its only has 1.30 hours left lol. so instead of sleeping, it will not make me feel fresh to study so yeah we take some photos huehhe.

red fedora hat from bangkok
skull in peace scarf
zara sweater
cardinal grey jeans
converse shoes
swatch watch

okay gals, see you later on my next post!
my next post its gonna be about my last trip in Thailand, especially Bangkok :)

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