Bangkok! Day 1

7:16 AM

hello everyone!
as i said on my previous post, i'm gonna share you about my experience in bangkok, thailand
we arrived there on january, 2nd 2015. as you can say me and my family having our new year vacation in bangkok. first time here huehhe
i recommended you, you actually don't need a tour guide for this one, bangkok are closesly same like singapore i guess. i mean there are still BTS and MRT, so you don't have to be afraid for getting lost, you will not, i swear :p

i stayed in Sukhmumvit especially in Ambassador Hotel, first day we arrived here, we just walk around it, we take a map, and we found the biggest mall here, Terminal 21, just 10minutes walk from our hotel, you can also use BTS, if you want to reach there faster haha. we actually just wanna have our dinner there, and after that we're going back to our hotel.

in hotel, said that they have a gym, yes i wanna do a little workout haha, it show that the gym is on 3rd floor, and our room is on 7th floor, okay then, after we reach 3rd floor, there's only pool there, and we go down, down, and down, yes lobby, just make sure that they have gym on 3rd floor. yes they have. but that was really hidden lol. but we finally found it! it is actually near pool but in another building, but sadly we can't go in because we should use sport shoes, and i'm on naked foot that time lol shame on me, but also my brother, and anni use sandals. as our experience, when we stay in swiss and italy, there's no guard in the gym so we can freely use whatever we want :D

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