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Friday, 26 December 2014

what a exxhausting day but worth it! just saw sale sign in everywhere is truly heavenly you know :3
well actually i rarely go to Pondok Indah Mall because its so far from where i stay, so we went there if we have something should have done, like right now, my father and my brother want to put footstep for the car, so we, ladies, drop off in Pondok Indah Mall, hehehe :3 having dinner in Sushi Tei and just keep scrolling what i've got there!
stay healthy, and happy holiday! xoxo

mango top, grey skirt, rodeo jegging, converse shoes, stradivarius bag 

 i love this top from forever21, just fallin love for the first time i saw it, i should have it1 hahaha :3 unluckily, this top not on sale, sweater cropped top are just must have item on your wardrobe right? the tribal pattern make me look cool when i wear it lol

 my mom suggested this top for me and i love it! i got this from zara, the zipper thing on the shoulder make the whole look fancy and edgy, the fabric is not too thick yet not make you feel hot especially in this country lol, it just how it look like its big sweater for winter but its actually not, best purchased!

been falling in love with this sweater since i went to Central Park with my friend, this top from pull&bear,  i want bought it but i don't want to waste my money hahahah evil:3 so i just wait for my mom bought it, so i don't have to pay it by my saving money :D this is kind of sweater cropped top, the fabric is thick, its match for cold event. well, i don't have any kind of sweater like this so i should have this babies one on my wardrobe :3 but it makes me look good when i wore it. love!

i think its enough from me :3
well i think from now i will updated my haul every seasons, like youtubers or blogger do right? hahha :3
i'm not kind of show off, i just shared what i think it has good fabric, good quality, with good price also. well this is my taste of fashion, maybe you will interested or maybe we have same taste? :3
see you next time lovelies! *spread the love*

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