Sunday, 21 December 2014

stole the title from fifth harmony's song heheheh:3
how's your day munchkin? mine? kinda boring like usual
have been planning for my new year's holiday
where i should going to? any ideas?
but my family's planning is Thailand but aamiin for that
why aamiin for that? because is so suddenly you know
you know how popular Thailand, i mean its like kinda most visited for all tourism
i can't imagine how crowded it is, i hate crowded, i mean like hot
crowded place making it hot right? all hijabis sure hate this
me and anni searching for most visited place in bangkok
and my dad searching for the hotel near mrt
yep, no travel guide guys, my dad is wandering person as you guys might know
so we don't need tour guide for this trip
we still in our territory guys, Southeast Asia region hehehhehe, its still safe then no need visa's place is fine

in these photo i'm not trying to look like a model
i mean is kinda art you know? lololol idk which is kinda art
i like photography that's all
and i also like fashion so everything in these picture means art okay?
but if you don't think i'm trying to be look like a model in this photo
thankyou for that heheheh
i don't know, i mean, everything i see these pic i feel like wth am i doing this? lolol weird huh?;"D

salah effect lol, keburu ke save and no original picture:(

polo shirt, mom's tanktop, swatch watch, cardinal jeans, stradivarius bag, newlook shoes

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