Road to Campus: Bromo again

12:31 AM

Sunday, 21 December 2014

one thing i really dislike about this trip is i should take care of anni because she's having illness, car illness
she vomit on the bus and i should wipe it off-_-
i should buy what she need
and take her to the bathroom
and everything she need because i'm her twin-_-

but well, from all the trip its kinda pleasant to me
unforgettable yet i'm having so much fun!
i'm getting more knowledge about college i visited to
before this event i'm actually kinda not ready to be in college
but now i'm surely sure ready! lol
it's not so creepy like i've ever imagine before :p

first trip goes to surabaya, 
early morning we ride from cilegon
and the next day we arrived in surabaya, and yes we stay all night on the bus, 
and take a shower in restaurant we having breakfast, so complicated
well actually not so complicated, but i hate it when i have to took a long queue
its like, omg, seriously, why it takes so long for just clean your body

the bromo, yesh the bromo trip!
i love this trip
eventho, its my second time i went here, it still the same feeling like i have for the first time
especially i went here with my friend
whole of my friend, exciting increase 10000%
we took a lot of photos here than other place
because, yes you right! view in here is more duplicate interesting than other
last time i'm not rode the horse and hiked to the crater because i'm with my family, and we don't have much time, and this time i can have those chance! with my friend hahahha
i'm tired, and my legs are not strong enough to hike the crater so me and my friend took the horse
most of my friend so eager want to look the savana
because view in there is more amazing for sure
but luckily, i've been there with my family
so i'm not that desperate of curiosity hehhe

so here's a pic!

How's your grade?
mine? pretty well, thankyou Haha

See you later awesomeners! love yaaaa :3

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