Sunday, 28 December 2014

just got a sad news about the missing airplane, AirAsia QZ8501 flight from Surabaya to Singapore, lost contact from 8 minutes after landing, there's still hope, #prayforairasiaQZ8501 we pray to Allah SWT that all the crew and the passenger are safe, our thought goes to all families and relatives passengers and crew.
may Allah SWT bless you all. aamiin yaRabb.

just took it yesterday actually, wanna upload it but my computer crash after anni used it-_-
and my laptop, there's no app editor for editing pic, like photoshop, and picture manager for compress image, because of course i'm not uploading the original photo size, its too heavy hahaha :3
so i just transfer it to my phone, and edited it on vsco cam hahaa poor me, and then i transfer it again to my laptop, the struggle is real dude, well actually there's so many pic i took, but i forcely decided to use some of them, because i'm too tired to edited it all, on my phone, not so efficiency.

hijab: naughty
watch: swatch
inner shirt: matahari
sleeveless top: newlook
pants: rodeo legging
bag: stradivarius

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