Free The Animal


hello there!
No, no the title doesn't mean anything
this post its not about the animal
it is a song by Sia, and i guess its a soundtrack for Fifty Shades of Gray
lol i just guess, because when i saw the trailer i heard this song in the end :3
you know this song is so unique like its about to broke the music HAHA like it
i think i am gonna fangirling to Sia, because she is so cool
and her voice is so unique...........
so today i have been took some photos
and edited it on Adobe Photoshop like usual
i have so much time in home, and that's why i am so intention to edited my photos
so here's the result, let me know what you think and filled the comment section below^^
i am so appreciate every single you think, and it means the universe to me:D

Giordano (inside) shirt, Rampage outer, N.y.L.a pants, shoes from hongkong

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